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Anavar 10mg Tablets:

Anavar, which is also sold as oxandrolone, is an oral man made or anabolic steroid which is widely used by bodybuilders to gain weight. It mimics the naturally occurring testosterone found in the body. It also assists in promoting muscle tissue growth. Anavar is a controlled substance therefore is a prescription only drug.

Uses of Anavar 10mg Tablets:

This anabolic steroid is used by people who have lost a significant amount of weight either as a result of some underlying medical conditions or surgeries. It is also used by athletes or bodybuilders to gain weight. Therefore they are convinced to buy Anavar UK to get the most out of it. It is also used by patients who suffer from bone disease like osteoporosis.

Benefits of Anavar 10mg Tablets:

There are several benefits which can be obtained from using these kinds of UK steroids. These are as follows.


  • It decreases total body fat.
  • Helps to increase nitrogen retention.
  • Provides strong and lean muscles.
  • Helps to increase protein synthesis which results in muscle growth.
  • Anavar is a female friendly steroid.


Common dosage for men is 5 mg to 10 mg a day. However for bodybuilding purposes it is advised to take the dose of steroids UK between 15 mg to 25 mg a day. The dose should be taken for a pEnhances muscle recovery.eriod of eight weeks maximum. If taken for longer it may cause LDL levels to rise and also result in shutting down production of testosterone in the body.

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