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What is Dragon Pharma Anavar 50mg?

Anavar Dragon Pharma is the tradename for the oral anabolic steroids Oxandrolone. This is also the generic chemical name. Anavar was developed in 1962 to increase lean muscle mass and it can be used both by men and women. Anavar is also known under popular name: Oxandrolon, Oxan, Oxanabol; Var and Anavoir.

50 mg Anavar Benefits

Anavar pills despite its high price, is one of most expensive steroids on the market. This is why so many bodybuilders want to buy oxandrolone 50mg.

Some Benefits:

Muscle gain


Fat loss

Big pumps


Mild side effects


Domestic US Anavar tablet can be combined with testosterone to produce better results.

One of the most popular cycles for men is Anavar with Propionate.

Weeks 1 to 5 Anavar 50mg per day and Propionat 100 from week 1 to 10 with 1ml every other day.

US Anavar only cycles still work and are common protocol for beginners in their first steroids cycle. This is a smart choice as it introduces the body a less toxic compound at a time when the body’s tolerance is lower. But for exaple Anavar only cycle may not be the best option for beginners, who looking to gain massive muscle mass. They may instead opt for a Dianabol or testosterone cycle only.

Cycle for Men: from week 1 to (and) 3 – 15mg/day, from week 4 to 6 – 30mg per day

Cycle for Women: from week 1 – 5mg/day and from week 2 to 5 – 10mg/day

Anavar Side Effects

LDL cholesterol is high

Hair loss

Additional information

active substance


Amount of substance, mg


release form


1 tablet, mg



Dragon Pharma

order size

Pacchetto (100 tablets)


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